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Online support for young people with conditions or injuries affecting their appearance

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To use YP Face IT for your own benefit, you will need to register and provide some personal data. Before deciding to do so, please read the Disclaimer, Use of Personal Data and Evaluating YP Face IT sections below and complete the Consent Form.


Recipients should not rely on the material or information in this website as the basis for making any business, legal, personal, financial or other decisions. Recipients should consult an appropriate professional for specific advice. University of the West of England, Bristol make no representations and give no warranties as to the content of the material or the information contained in the website for any purpose. Any reliance which Recipients place on the material or information in this website is strictly at their own risk. This website is designed for use by young people with appearance-related distress, ONLY under the supervision of a parent/carer or an appropriately trained health professional.

Use of personal data

If you choose to use YP Face IT, you will need to provide consent for the collection and safe storage of your personal data. Please carefully read the YP Face IT privacy notice below.

YP Face IT Privacy Notice

The personal information collected on this website will be processed by the University of the West of England, Bristol (the data controller) on the basis of your consent to do so and in accordance with the terms and conditions of applicable data protection laws. We will hold your data securely and not make it available to any third party unless permitted or required to do so by law.

  1. Purpose for collecting the information and to whom the information will be disclosed.
    - Personal data (your name, email, mobile number, country of residence, your child’s age and appearance-affecting condition) will be collected via the website and used to set up a personal account with an individual login, to provide researchers at the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) with information about who is using the programme. These data will be viewed by a CAR researcher.
    - Your email and mobile number will be used to send you an automated reminder to complete a questionnaire embedded within YP Face IT that you can choose to complete. Data from the questionnaire will be used to evaluate your experience of the programme. These data will be viewed by a CAR researcher.
  2. How long the information will be kept/when it will be destroyed.
    All data will be stored for 5 years after you register for YP Face IT, and then will be securely deleted.
  3. Where the information will be stored and how secure it will be.
    The Data will be stored on Dataphiles’ co-located servers in their racks at a secure facility on Manchester Science Park. Backups are taken nightly and stored on a NAS device in the rack and then replicated across secure VPN to their office in Leeds so that Dataphiles can get the system back up and running in the event of a disaster. Both locations are highly secure (the data centre has multiple levels of security in place) and our data protection policy ensures that only staff authorised to work with the data get access to it. No data is taken off site on laptops or memory sticks.
  4. Your rights
    You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information such as the rights to withdraw your consent and access your information. To find out more about these rights please contact our Data Protection Office (

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