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Young Person Face IT

Online support for young people with conditions or injuries affecting their appearance

If you want to take part in research to test this website contact


The website has been designed by young people and uses various activities, illustrations, photographs, videos and advice from young people with visible differences.

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To get started is simple and easy.

If you are under 16 we need your parents' or guardians' permission to join the programme.

discussion forum!

This is a place where you can meet and socialise with other young people with a visible difference. You can discuss your experience of YP Face IT, talk about any worries you may have or offer support to others.


Comma I think YP Face IT can really help. It's great that young people are taught skills to improve their confidence in social situations and hear about others with similar problems who have overcome their difficulties.Comma
Amanda Redman, actress
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Certain features of this site are available to members only. To get more information please get in contact